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    CK990 CNC Spring Making Machine

  • Product introduction:( Computer Spring Forming Machine > )

  • 9 axis CNC spring making machine is developed by our design team on the basis of international advanced technology, made a lot of improvement and innovation, with more function and higher automation level. has six servo motors. Diameter cutting device equipped in the integral components, to achieve the perfect and stable horizontal and vertical coiling action. Direction change control by software, no need mechanical adjustment. The mandrel and move vertically by the control of servo motor, can use the straight cut, rotary cut and impact torsion cut, all control by the computer to adjust the diameter, truly achieve man-machine dialogue. It owns the high production speed, easy debug, precise and accurate, low noise, reliable, easy to learnby new workers, is Gold Lion's patents. The computer interface can be changed to Chinese or English, the graphical program can program automatically.
  • Product parameter

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