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    CK6230 Spring Making Machine

  • Product introduction:( Computer Spring Forming Machine > )

  • CK6230 is developed by our design team on the base of five axis machine, made a lot of improvement and innovation, is the updated patent product, with more function and higher automation degree, has six servo motor. It completely abandoned the traditional five-axis computer machine reducing structure of gear drive, lever structure, cam structure. The servo motor directly drives the imported high precision ball screw, push the coiling pin slider, the computer control the spring outside diameter, truly achieve man-machine dialogue. It owns the feature of easy to learn, high precision and low noise. The feeding part adopt fullclosed variable speed gearbox, high speed and low speed, is suitable for different wire diameter, doubled the productivity effectively. The computer interface can be changed to Chinese or English, the graphical program can program automatically. The machine also has the function of straight cut, subtend cut, twist cut, swing cut and so on.

  • Product parameter

  • 河南快三