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    About us Company Introduction

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    Company Profile

    Zhejiang ChuangYu Machinery co.,ltd(Head company: Zhejiang ltdShengzhou Gold lion spring machine co.,ltd) located in the east of Zhejiang province, lies to the south of Hangzhou and the west of Ningbo, belongs to the Yangtze Delta Economic Development Zone. It covers an area of 68000 square meters, has 380 employee, and own development research center. The company introduce multi-axis technology from Germany and Japan, and cooperate with high school and R&D institution, R&D more than 30 patent technology, continuously improve automation degree, make the customer use the simple way to produce the high precision spring. Even the complex spring coiled in one step, without second process. The produce has the feature of “fast debugging, precise and accurate, stable and reliable, easy operation” The machine is enjoyed by Tianjin JL Railway Transport Equipment Ltd, South Huiton CO.,LTD,China Jianzhong Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd,Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Corporation and so on. Combined with social new technology, new material and new equipment constantly emerging, product update and specification extension, making the CNC spring machinery for higher precision, more complex spring and higher automation degree. Launch new product to the market every year, and developing to the high point,stepped into the domestic spring machine manufacturing advanced
    rank, is draft enterprise for Chinese 《CNC spring machine》Industry standard and GB《Automatic forge press Technical conditions for safety》.Now the parent company specialized in making CNC spring machine and CNC spring grinding machine, wire diameter between 0.1-23mm. And branch company produce automatic coiling machine, torsion machine, straightener and tempering furnace. The product is selling to the Domestic,European and American market. The company will always stick to customer as the center, pursue the perfect combination of character and technology, together innovation, create brilliance.